Ngrok - Remote Desktop Connection

Today we will look at Ngrok as an alternative to TeamViewer and Anydesk. We will try in a few easy steps to make ngrok work as a teamviewer or at least with its basic functions.

I must note first of all that all the following steps must be performed on the computer/device that you want to log on to afterwards. The first step is to open the CMD and go to the directory where your ngrok is located. In this directory you should have the ngrok exe file as it was in the last tutorial. When you are there you just have to write ngrok tcp 3389 as shown in the picture below. Just copy and paste the bold text directly. I know you will do it like that.

Good job, you now have this public forwarding link. In my case it is tcp:// , in your case will be different. The part that you need from this link for next part will be after that tcp://. This means that you only need this part - You should send this to the person who will log on to your computer.

Thе part that is coming is for the other party that actually log on to the computer. You just have to look for the Remote Desktop Connection as shown in the photo below. You don't need to install anything, you already have it in the Windows os.

When you open it you have to enter your tcp link. In my case as I said before. And after that you can connect to the another pc without teamviewer, anydesk or any other software.

And as always, we succeeded this time as well. Good job!

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